By commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. Please make sure to read and understand them beforehand, thank you!


1.1 - All transactions are done through PayPal. Once we have agreed on the final price, I will issue you a PayPal invoice.

1.2 - If your order is below 120USD, you agree to pay the entire sum outright.
For anything over $120, I will request a 50% deposit of the total sum.
The remaining 50% is paid when the work if finished and just before I send you the completed file(s).

1.3 - The prices listed in the commission sheet are estimated prices, and they can rise depending on the complexity of the request. That being said, in most cases they will stay the same as listed on the sheet – but I will give you the final quote before any payment is requested and before any work begins.


1.4 - I will not increase the price during the commission - UNLESS - you request any changes or alterations. The exact price of such changes will depend on the complexity of the request, and will be communicated before they are made.


1.5 - If you wish for me to make any changes to the work(s) after the final version was agreed upon and delivered, an additional fee will be charged. As before, the exact price will depend on the complexity of the request, and will be communicated beforehand.

Said fee needs to be paid in full before any work is to be done. Once completed, the altered image(s)/files will be sent in full resolution.

1.6 - All payments are to be made within 24 hours after the completion of the commission.



2.1 -  I do not offer refunds on completed works under any circumstances.

2.2 - Partial refunds can be requested mid commission if you are, for any reason, unable or/and unwilling to continue, or in the case of me cancelling the commission.

For example: if you decide to cancel a commission before any work has started, I will refund you in full. If I’ve already created a sketch, I will refund 70% of the total paid, and if I’ve already started working on coloring and shading, I’ll refund 50% of the total paid.

If the work is nearly done, I will not issue any partial refund.


Copyright and Commercial Use:

3.1 - I retain all the rights to any of my works, and buying my services/artwork does not grant you reproduction rights unless a legal contract is involved.

I may use the works I’ve created for my online portfolios, galleries, prints, etc.


3.2 - You are not allowed to modify, reproduce or sell any of my artworks without my permission.




4.1 - During the work process I will send you low resolution or watermarked image files as samples.

You will receive the full resolution image(s)/file(s) with my signature via email only once the work is finished, and I have been paid in full.


4.2 - All of my commissioned artwork is delivered digitally – I will not deliver or send any physical prints or items.


4.3 - If you accidentally lose or delete the full resolution files I am not responsible to procure a secondary copy for you.

That being said  - feel free to contact me if something like that happens, as I keep backups for all of my works, and might be able to help you out.

4.4 - I retain the right to cancel or reject commissions for any reason (such as inability on my part, dislike towards the subject matter, disrespectfulness of the commissioner, lack or infrequent communication, etc.) Should a cancellation occur after a payment is made, clause 2.2 applies.

Copyright 2020 Tihana Mracic a.k.a. ArtKitt Creations
All Rights Reserved.